Avoid skipping this article since it may include the most heartwarming tale you read all week. Two scared pups at a pet hotel were comforted by an Australian shepherd dog who was captured on video slipping out of his kennel.

Maggie, a shepherd dog, was left at Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in St. Albert, Canada, for a couple of nights while her owners were away on vacation. In the words of her owner, she had only been removed from her own litter of pups a few weeks when she was placed up for adoption and found a home.

As a result, when she heard the cries of two pups in a neighboring kennel, she carefully broke out of her kennel and comforted the two puppies as if they were her own offspring.

Both Hannah and Kari, two puppies from a local rescue organization, were brought to the hotel to wait for their future home. When the puppies realized they were alone in an unknown environment, they were fearful and started to sob. Maggie happened to be nearby, and her maternal instincts kicked in almost immediately.

Fortunately, the whole charming scenario was captured by the facility’s CCTV cameras and subsequently uploaded on Facebook, winning over the hearts of everyone who saw it there. In the article, they said that “we see a lot of lovely things here at Barkers, but this tale takes the cake…”

According to the surveillance cameras, she turned right around and walked inside their room. ” According to the owner Sandra Aldred, “she was really attentive to them, and you could see her tiny tail bobbing.

Sandra was overjoyed to be back at the facility after seeing the heartwarming incidents captured on film. It seemed like she was extremely happy, and then she led me back into their room as if to say: ‘I really need to meet these pups.’… and ‘They were all so glad to be together.’ They need her presence just as much as she required the pups’ presence. Basically, everything worked out just right.'”

‘We got them all together for a bit and they were all really pleased,’ she said.

When Maggie was picked up by her family later in the day, they were in complete disbelief that their beloved dog would go on to become an online star as a result of her brief stint at the dog hotel. Aldred hopes to be able to find new homes for both of the pups.

Watch the video here:

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