Meat shop owner battered 2-year-old puppy as she hung upside down in a dark area

After being so tightly bound, the puppy’s paw became infected, and it started to swell up.

So they put it in the trash right next to the butcher shop since it was no longer edible.

The dog was saved thanks to her rescuer, who arrived in time.

Even though she lost all four of her legs in order to preserve herself, the animal’s eyes still shine with an appreciation for her owner…

“She’s still alive. And she was eager to resume her normal life as soon as possible after her procedure. When her rescuer saw her, she was wagging her tail and seemed to be smiling broadly.

Chi Chi, which translates to “lovely” in Korean, was the pup’s name.

In Phoenix, she settled into a new home after a two-month stay at the vet’s office for rehabilitation.

She is now waiting for her owners to return. As far as I know, no one else has done this before.

The new owners want to join her in rehabilitation sessions for youngsters and military veterans who have lost limbs when she is completely recovered.

By Anna

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