Two stray canine buddies who had formed a relationship were separated at a shelter and then reunited months later… This occurs all the time!

Abby Riley was spotted as a stray and taken in by Adams County Pet Rescue along with another canine companion. They were separated from one another and no one realized they were a bonded pair until Abby sneaked out of her kennel and was discovered laying by her companion’s side in the woods.

However, since he was a sociable dog, her closest companion was adopted very immediately. Abby, on the other hand, had to go through further training before she could be placed for adoption. Six months have passed, and Abby has found an incredible permanent home shortly after completing her therapy. Not long after that, Abby’s new family decided that it would be fantastic if Abby could make a buddy of her own.

They reached out to Alycia and Rebecca of Animal House TV and inquired as to whether they might assist them in their quest for a second dog. Alycia and Rebecca phoned around and spoke with the shelter manager at Adams County Pet Rescue, who informed them that the dog with whom Abby had developed a strong attachment had been returned to the shelter.

It was a stroke of luck! These two were intended to be together from the beginning! Alycia and Rebecca were overjoyed by the news and immediately went to pick up the German Shepherd to prepare him for his reunion with Abby! Following that, they drove him to Abby’s house to groom him more.

Due to the uncertainty about how the two canines would respond to meeting one another, they were separated by a fence and kept on leashes. Wait till 5:37 in the video to watch what happens when Abby and her lover finally get to see one other after a lengthy period of time apart! What a wonderful love tale!

Alycia and Rebecca would really appreciate it if prospective adopters would open their hearts and homes to bonded pairs of children. They claim that it is not frequent, but they hope that after viewing this love tale, others would take it into consideration. Do not only do dogs create long-lasting ties with their owners, but they also form long-lasting bonds with their peers.

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By Elen

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