Another genuine story about devoted pets that like sharing their experiences with you. During his time as a lecturer at Mabalacat City College in the Philippines, Carmelito Marcelo had a particular kinship with a stray dog called Buboy, whom he named after his father.

Despite the fact that the great man was unable to adopt the puppy, he continued to care for him for four years. He fed and played with Buboy on a daily basis, and he absolutely adored it. In exchange, the dog remained at his human friend’s side throughout the day at school.

After having a stroke, Professor Carmelito Marcelo died away, which was a sad event. His canine companion was completely unaware of this. He waited for the professor every morning for two weeks, but he was unsuccessful in his efforts. Buboy’s actions touched the hearts of the professor’s pupils.

They made the decision to transport the dog to the church where the professor’s burial was being conducted. Buboy knelt at Marcelo’s coffin, saying his last farewell to his closest friend before passing away. Josh Billings, a student, recorded this heartwarming moment on camera and posted it on social media, with the caption: “A dog is the only creature in the planet that loves you more than he loves himself.”

After the funeral, the professor’s colleagues took turns taking care of the dog for the rest of the day. They had hoped to locate Buboy a new home in the near future.

Dogs’ devotion to their owners is one of the purest and most lovely feelings on the face of the planet. They would be the only ones who would miss you the most even after you had passed away.

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By Elen

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