When the owner in this story discovered his two lost pups, he began crying. The video that captured this moment rapidly went viral on the internet, touching the emotions of millions of people.

Hernandez (the character of this story) became upset when he had to give up his two Siberian Huskies. He spent the whole weekend attempting to locate them, but in vain, as it turned out.

In order to escape out of his yard, the dogs leapt the fence and lost track of where they were. He distributed the fliers across his area in the hopes that someone would see them and get in touch with him.

Hernandez was unaware that his four-legged companions were still alive and well. They were transported to the Miami-Dade Animal Services when someone discovered them on the side of the road. Because they believe they are strays, the shelter’s staff assists them in finding a new home by utilizing them as dogie models for a photo shoot with Ocean Drive Magazine to raise awareness about pet adoption.

His efforts were ultimately rewarded. His fliers were seen by the guy who discovered his dogs and brought them to the shelter. The guy said that his dogs were still secure and instructed him to take them to the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter to be picked up by the authorities.

He burst into tears as soon as he saw his canines standing in front of the camera when the photography was completed. His dog barked, and he said, “That’s my dog, guy.” “That’s my dog,” I say. He embraced his pets with all of his heart. And, of course, his four-legged companions were overjoyed to see their master once again. He made the decision to get them both microchipped in order to ensure that he would never lose track of them again.

You can watch the video down below:

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