All dogs in shelters across the globe want to be adopted by a loving home. Because people often adopt pets based on their looks, it seems that certain older dogs that do not have a “adorable” appearance are more difficult to place in a permanent home than younger dogs with “adorable” features.

What is certain is that all dogs deserve love and a lifelong home, much like this canine who has been waiting years to find his family and has now been successful in fulfilling his goal.

This is Wally, a loving Pitbull who doesn’t seem to be the usual canine, but he has had a difficult upbringing and now all he wants is some love and care from his new family.

When Wally was taken to the Town of Islip Animal Shelter on Long Island, New York, he was a stray of approximately ten years old and had been living on the streets for some time.

According to The Dodo, he was suffering from a number of health difficulties, including blindness in one eye and a skin ailment. All of this contributed to the unfortunate dog’s unappealing look, which upset the shelter workers, who feared he would never be adopted.

The puppy proved to have a wonderful personality and quickly earned the title of “favorite dog” among the workers.

Veterinary tech Danielle Gorle told The Dodo that the dog “loathes to drool on you and would go to any length to get some food.” “He also enjoys simply hanging around and not doing anything,” says the author.

“Wally is an incredible walrus/hippo/rhino dog who really just needs a home where he can be accepted and enjoy his golden years!” said the rescuer. Jen, a volunteer at the shelter, shared her thoughts on social media.

“He’s a little mush and a volunteer favorite,” says the author.

Numerous visitors were unable to look beyond the dog’s appearance, and he was forced to wait a year for a home since he could not get along with other animals and so needed to be alone.

According to the shelter’s workers, the fact that he hasn’t been adopted has begun to negatively impact his well-being and mental health.

According to Gorle, “He seems to be slipping.” In the beginning, he seemed to be cheerful. He enjoys being outside, although he seems to be sad when confined.”

However, Wally’s narrative has a happy conclusion, which is fortunate for him.

The shelter revealed that Wally had finally found his permanent home, more than a month after he went viral and we originally wrote about him.

In a statement, the shelter said, “He is resting peacefully and looks fantastic!”

We are overjoyed for the adorable canine since every dog deserves to be loved and cared for in the best way possible.

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By Anna

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