Because the weather is growing colder at this time of year, people are in desperate need of some light to brighten their days and melt their hearts, which is why we have created this project. Please allow us to introduce you to Kida, a blind puppy whose tale went viral on the Internet and captured the hearts of millions of people.

Kida is a lovely and cheery puppy that lives with her owner, Alison, in Houston, Texas. Despite the fact that she had her eyes removed owing to a rare autoimmune condition, the dog proved to be a vibrant and lovely girl. She barks at everything, runs about in the garden all day, and enjoys going to the dog park with her friends.

The life that Kida has always wanted is finally a reality. From the time Alison acquired her from her former owners when she was 5 months old, she has been living with her buddy. When the dog attempted to devour the hens on a farm where she was meant to be guarding them, she was euthanized.

Aside from that, Alison gave some information on Kida’s interests: “We have to remain outside the dog park for her safety because of how other dogs react to her at times.” However, she has four closest friends who visit her on a regular basis for playdates and other activities. She’s learned the layout of the yard, so she can run and play with them just like any other sighted dog,” says the trainer.

It was also said by the owner that she enjoyed photographing and videotaping Kida on a daily basis since it provided her with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. When she brought Kida to her favorite dog park, she decided to film a Tiktok movie, catching her dog’s adorable emotions, in order to find out the truth about what happened to him. Kida is seen in the brief film with her head sticking out of the window and wiggles her tail in delight. Even though the movie is just 15 seconds long, it brilliantly captures Kida’s excitement when she realized she was heading to the dog park. The video is available on YouTube here. It has received millions of likes and hundreds of comments on Tiktok, where it is now ranked second.

Watch this amazing video here:

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