Although this CCTV camera at the entrance of an office building in Georgia would have been erected to safeguard the facility from crime, it recently caught something much more uplifting.

It had captured the purest expression of affection. Street dogs have taken up residence in the area in front of this office building, and there are a large number of them. However, they have specifically picked this location for a purpose. Nino Tabatadze, a worker in the aforementioned building, has taken it upon herself to ensure that the puppies are well taken care of, something she has been doing for many years.

“I provide them with food and water,” she said in an interview. The people I’m talking to become my pals.” She shows these pets that they are as important to her in a kind and loving manner. In this video, you can see how happy the dogs are when Tabatadze comes to work, proving that everything is real. The movie displays candid photos taken by the lady and the dogs, who may otherwise have been alone in the world, and these puppies are only too happy to share their relationship with the world.

The dogs have found an ally in Tabatadze, who says, “They are really kind and warm,” and the dogs have found one in her as well. Tabatadze’s personal satisfaction comes from the knowledge that she assisted in their care. Also, she had this to say: “My friendship with them offers me a tremendous deal of enjoyment.” They provide illumination and warmth to the spirit.”

By Anna

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