In an astonishing act of kindness, a homeless dog risked her life to rescue one of her pups who had been stranded in floods after the mother dog became separated from the litter. People referred to it as “the astonishing power of mother love” after the heroic incident was captured on video and shared widely on the internet.

A series of deadly floods occurred in China’s Sichuan Province as a result of torrential rainfall that pounded the area. The Ming River has overflowed its banks as a result of recent severe rains. A large number of residences in the city of Meishan have been inundated by the floodwaters. However, not only did the floods damage humans, but they also had an impact on animals. The mother dog and her five pups were among those that perished.

It was too late for the sad mother dog and her kids to respond since the water rose so swiftly. Because of the flooding, their safe haven was eaten up, and they were all submerged in floods within seconds. The dog and her four pups were rescued thanks to the efforts of a local homeowner. It was the man’s intention to return to the fifth puppy, but since the water level was rising rapidly, it would be too unsafe. However, this is not the case with the mom!

Immediately upon discovering that one of her puppies had gone missing, the protective dog rushed to the river and, without hesitation, leaped into the water and swam to her youngster. Fortunately, she was able to locate her son and safely bring him ashore on the island.

Everyone present, including the villagers and rescue officials, was astonished by the courage of a canine mother, and as soon as she and her youngster returned to safety, everyone congratulated her.

The heroic mother and her five pups were adopted by the townspeople following this terrible tragedy. And yet the clip of a mother valiantly rescuing her trapped kid has captured the hearts of everyone on the Internet.

You can see the spectacular moment here:

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