Dogs are very faithful companions that would never abandon you when you are in distress and who are willing to go wherever their owners go.

After ten years of traveling with his dog, London hotelier Carlos Fresco was forced to part ways with his companion due to a serious illness.

Carlos has had the puppy for ten years, and he has named him Monty.

The guy and the dog became fast friends, and the two of them went around the United Kingdom together.

However, the dog became ill around 18 months ago.

Veterinarians made a terrible diagnosis: leukemia was the cause of the illness.

Although Monty initially reacted well to treatment, it became evident that the two friends would have to be separated in the near future.

Carlos made the decision to take his pet on “one last excursion together.” He had to go to the Welsh town of Brecon, which is surrounded by a number of magnificent peaks, in order to complete his mission.

The guy brought a wheelbarrow with him and covered it with comfy blankets before loading Monty into this “transport” and driving him about to view the breathtaking scenery.

Carlos’ deed was instantly noticed by the network, but he soon got some tragic news: Monty had succumbed to the sickness for the last time.

The guy, on the other hand, is grateful that he did all he could for his buddy and remembers enjoyable vacations with his dog with a grin.

By Elen

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