When you’re missing out on all the pleasure, where is the joy? That’s what this rescue dog felt when he realized his existence was nothing more than a bore. Eventually he discovered out how to escape his kennel and had a mad mini-party in his honor one night. However, because he had no visitors, he decided to bring some of his own — all of the squeaky toys he had discovered. The end product was a complete disaster, but at least he got viral on the internet!

Having lived at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania since he was a puppy, Gilligan has shown to be a loyal and trustworthy companion. As a consequence, he was promoted to the position of office greeter by his colleagues. However, he has lately shown that he also has a dark side, that of a party animal. On one night early this month, after everyone on the staff had gone home, the dog had somehow managed to unlock the kennel door and go outside. It was at this point when the celebration really got going!

In the beginning, Gilligan wanted to make sure no one from the crew had been left inside before going for the toys, which he found. What occurred next made everyone in the room burst out laughing.

In an interview with THE DODO, volunteer Joyce Ross described how the man spent a long time looking about the facility to see whether there were any other people there. The toys were his first port of call after becoming aware of his isolation. “He picked them out of the pile of Christmas contributions that we had just gotten and carried them into the hallway to play with them and rip the squeakers out,” he said.

When everyone returned to work the next morning, they were unable to describe what had taken place to them the night before. However, as soon as they reviewed the security camera video, they discovered that everything was OK. However, despite the fact that he destroyed the majority of the toys, no one was furious with Gill. They were all laughing at the time.

“Everyone at the shelter thought it was hilarious,” Ross said afterward. In order to determine if any toys survived and may potentially be played with again, we went through each and every one of them. He preserved the majority of the ones that did not have a squeaker since that is exactly what he was looking for. It was rather simple to clean up once we retrieved some of the items that might be used.”

More importantly, the crew decides to post the ‘aftermath’ recordings on the internet, where they quickly became very popular, with people falling in love with Gill’s tiny party.

“What a wonderful opportunity to show off our shelter and to demonstrate to the public that we have wonderful pets waiting at the shelter,” Ross remarked. “We received a phone call from a woman who expressed interest in purchasing a toy for Gilligan on a monthly basis for the remainder of his life.”

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