Even the most tenacious of readers will be moved to tears by this narrative. In a community lately, something similar occurred. In the middle of the night, a fire broke out in a wooden building. The guy had fallen asleep and was not aware of anything around him.

His dog, who had lately given birth to pups, belonged to him. It was her who had the first inkling that things wasn’t quite right. She was faced with a decision: rescue the pups or save the owner. She decided on a human.

How the mongrel managed to pull the guy onto the street remains a mystery to everyone, since the owner didn’t realize what had happened until he found himself on the street and saw a dog nearby.

The pups perished in the fire, which also consumed the home…

The guy was brought to the hospital, where he remained for a period of time after being admitted. The victim’s next-door neighbor provided food for the dog.

It is not known where the guy and his dog are now residing, but it is known that he brought the animal with him when he fled. This was brought to our attention by a neighbor who had been feeding the animal while the owner was away.

We shall not go into detail on the loyalty of dogs since everyone is aware of it. Our hearts were affected by this story, to say the least.

By Elen

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