Two adorable pups demonstrate to the rest of the world that not only can youngsters from the same neighborhood create unique friendships, but so can dogs as well. In a beautiful viral shot, the two were seen on camera tenderly welcoming one other, as though it had been years since they had last seen each other. However, it turns out that the two very closest friends meet very often – at least once a week – and that they always have the same response of delight!

The adorable scene, which was first published as a joke by WeRateDogs, quickly went viral on Twitter. They wrote that they were “hugging for the first time in almost a year.” These two friends, on the other hand, are dealing with a very different situation. Mini Goldendoodle Simba and Havanese Cooper really live in the same neighborhood and go to the park virtually every weekend with their human companions. Even more, Simba sometimes ventures out of his backyard to pay a visit to his long-time pal.

The two pals, who both had their first birthdays a few months ago, have known one other since they were pups since they both reside in the same neighborhood in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

“They only see one other on weekends or if Simba manages to get out of my yard,” says Roberto Couto, Simba’s owner. In addition, my daughter and her friend’s daughter are friends as well. “They are in love with one other.”

Because of their sweet embrace, the two pups gained a lot of attention on the internet, inspiring other parents to post pictures of their furry offspring demonstrating devotion to one another.

By Elen

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