After being separated from her family on a busy road, a small cat was spotted by a man who observed her darting under his vehicle and alerted the authorities. She slid onto her rescuer’s shoulder and stood there, relieved that she had been rescued at long long last.

A local Facebook page shared the man’s description of the woman who had been saved from the road, and Holly Brookhouser, who had heard about the event, decided to take action. Her work in rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned animals has already earned her widespread recognition in her neighborhood.

It was the second wedding anniversary of Marcelo, Holly’s adopted son, and as a result, the day was very special. They were placed next to the feline so that they could be checked before being sent to their temporary foster home.

“I noticed the article about the cat and understood that it would end up in the wrong hands, so I decided to return to parenting, and on the day that we were celebrating Marcelo’s second year at home with us, I thought, what better way to honor the occasion than to save this kitty’s life?” she says.

Holly’s son was overjoyed to be able to assist the rescued child.

“Marcelo was pleased to be given the opportunity to name the baby and pondered long and hard about a large name before choosing it Appleseed!” Holly said. Despite the fact that Appleseed is only concerned in taking care of her, she recognizes that Harry will eventually need a comfortable home. He’s also helping me to get her used to living in a family with plenty of excellent food and lots of love,” I said.

Appleseed has a long and difficult road ahead of her. Despite the negative stigma associated with being black, Holly and her family are certain that she would eventually find a place where she will be welcomed and appreciated.

She is very lively and naughty; the proper family will emerge soon, and her story will have a wonderful happy ending.

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By Elen

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