Unexpectedly, a furry, unwelcome visitor decided to interrupt a wedding in Brazil, spoiling the festivities for a young couple. The couple’s response, on the other hand, is what has people talking online. The dog was subsequently adopted by the two of them, as is obvious. Easily one of the cutest happy ending tales you’ve ever heard, this is a must-read!

During the time that Marlia and Matheus, both of So Paulo, had been arranging their wedding down to the smallest detail, there was just one thing that they could not control: the weather. Even though everyone hopes for a bright day for their wedding, the fact that it rains does not rule out a fantastic celebration. The same thing occurred in the case of these young folks.

When they realized that the sun would not be on their side that day, they decided to transfer the ceremony to a large tent that could accommodate all of their guests, as well as some who had not been included on the guest list in the first place. What better place for this lovely stray puppy to seek shelter from the heavy rain than the bride’s dress, which happened to be a perfect fit. In addition, the dog began to bark loudly, maybe in order to alert everyone that he does not approve of the marriage ceremony.

The response of the whole group, particularly the newlyweds, was to bust out laughing.

When Marlia told The Dodo, “as the ceremony began, to everyone’s astonishment, it was the dog who came in when the bridal chorus began to play,” she recounted how the dog got into the wedding. “The dog came inside the room and curled up on my veil to sleep. Due of my love for animals, this was a really wonderful surprise for me. “It was a big hit with me.”

The wedding crasher, on the other hand, did not seem to be bothered by the crowd’s response, and he even left at one point. However, as the ceremony progressed, he reappeared, and this time he was quite fortunate, as he had just discovered two loving parents as well as a lifelong home. The young couple chose to adopt him despite the fact that he was difficult to locate the next day.

According to Marlia Pieroni, who spoke to The Dodo, “Me and Matheus chose to adopt him since he is a stray dog.” “It took a long time for us to track him down again, but we were called yesterday and informed of his location. When he returned home, I bathed him. He spent a lot of time playing, eating, and drinking water. He was really delighted and slept very well on his first night. ”

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