According to reports, pandas are not the only animals that like snow. Other creatures, such as elephants, bears, cats, and dogs, are likely to get enthralled by the prospect of playing in the snow. The echo is a good illustration of this. According to her mother, Jennifer Wang, she is a Samoyed dog that has had a strong attachment to snow since she was a puppy.

In an interview with The Dodo, she said that she likes “burrowing her whole head in new fluffy snow and excavating tunnels large enough to accommodate her entire body.”

Little Echo discovered a snow cave while on a hiking excursion with her mother and her mother’s cousin. The cave was large enough to accommodate a person. While Wang and her cousin were anxious to discover what was inside, Echo seemed to be a bit concerned since she sensed something sinister in the cave, which she later confirmed.

However, it didn’t take long for her to understand she was in a secure place. The warm little snow cave became her new favorite place as she attempted to immerse herself in it for a short period. They waited in the cave for a time until they were able to persuade themselves out and then kept hiking.

However, when they came discovered the cave a few days later, Echo took up residence once again and refused to leave the interesting grotto despite their repeated attempts. The cave was discovered by her the first time, and she was also the one who discovered it the second time around.

“The second time we went on that same trip, the entrance to the cave was nearly completely covered up, but she knew precisely where the cave was,” Wang said. “The cave was almost completely covered up the first time we went on that same hike,” Wang explained. “She dug her way past the obstruction and slid straight back into her cave. Unlike the last time, she was in there for quite some time, chewing on snow and just relaxing (literally)!”

‘Echo was not pleased with us when we chose to leave to continue the climb,’ Wang said. It took us numerous calls before she eventually decided to come out, and it wasn’t until we brought out the reward bag that she finally accepted.

Echo will continue to accompany her family on more excursions in the future, but she will never give up hope that she will be brought back to the cave. Bring wonderful Echo into your home and share it with your loved ones.

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