Nekku the Corgi recently celebrated her eighth birthday with her adoring family, but the first eight years of her life were not without any difficulties.

The dog was born with an unanticipated genetic abnormality, which resulted in her having an outlandish physical appearance. Her nose had forked, she was missing one eye, and she had two fused vertebrae, among other things. As a result, the veterinarian recommended euthanasia since the dog’s continued existence would be a source of agony for him. The breeder was adamant about not doing so, but he also believed that her chances of living a normal life were quite slim if she did.

In the end, a kindhearted guy called Jarmo Korhonen from Finland intervened and rescued Nekku from the breeder. He brought her into his house and nurtured her with his two other Corgis, Niisku-Neit and Karkki.

Nekku was given the opportunity to experience the warmth of family and to live a happy, calm life in such an environment. Jamo’s father recently revealed something intriguing about his life with the two-nosed Corgi, which she found fascinating.

Her nose is said to resemble a double-barreled shotgun, prompting others to suggest that her given name should be Beretta.”

“If we take Nekku on a stroll around the city, it is hard to merely walk around. We have to take a break every now and again to answer inquiries and respond to remarks on Nekku’s nose, eye, and fluffy fur — everyone is fascinated by her one-of-a-kind features.”

Her distinctive appearance even drew the attention of her canine brothers. “I discovered Niisku-Neiti looking at Nekku’s face several times when she was a puppy,” Jamo said.

Nekku would not have a life today if it hadn’t been for Jarmo’s assistance. The Corgi has been relocated to the countryside of Finland, where she will be staying with Jarmo’s mother. Jarmo pays her regular visits, and he always brings Niisku-Neiti and Karkki along with him. Despite his flaws, Nekku is determined to overcome his shortcomings and become a decent dog.

“Nekku had difficulty grasping 3D perspective — she used to smash her head on the ground and bump with other dogs,” Jarmo said. ”

I agreed to take Nekku to my parents’ house in the countryside, where she would be able to live in freedom while still being able to interact with my other dogs. My mother was overjoyed to be able to assist us.”

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