When observing a pet cat being cared for and snuggled with family, wild abandoned cats are sad and jealous of the attention and affection.

In recent months, a cat called Piggy from China has gained widespread attention on social media platforms both domestically and internationally. Although this cat is well-known not just for his perpetually mournful expression, the saddest aspect of his life is that it is a stray cat. However, a miracle occurred when the cat was adopted and his personality changed considerably after being with the new owner for about a year.

Since an adorable moment was accidently caught and put online, Piggy has become something of a “network sensation.” Specifically, a neighbor was strolling down the street when he saw a stray cat by the side of the road and stopped to pet the animal’s “employer.” Seeing this situation, the kitten in the distance expressed pain, sympathy, and envy, which resulted in the creation of a humorous snapshot and “plunging” into the pet forum.

On top of that, due to his terrible look, the youngster drew a great deal of attention to himself as well. Despite the fact that it is a “homeless” cat, its filthy look has a “romantic adventure” style, yet its fat body makes people want to cuddle and cuddle with it all the time.

In instance, when the cat was adopted by a little girl, she said that she took the cat to a veterinarian clinic for a thorough inspection. When I went to the doctor, he indicated that I just had a scratch on my leg and that everything else was okay. I was relieved. However, the child exhibits indications of being overweight, which many people find perplexing; after all, why would a homeless cat have such a round body?

The new owner took the cat to be weighed, and the findings indicated “overweight”.

The audience was drawn in by the charming picture of the “big boss” that went viral on social media. Everyone believes the fortunate cat has a gorgeous owner and lives in a rich home. Some young netizens called him “sentimental cat” since his face is usually sad and sorrowful in any scenario. in any case

Less than a week into her new home, Piggy has fully adjusted to her new environment. The infant was wary at first, but as he sensed the “lotus’s” care and concern, he gradually let go of his “defensive armor”.

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