Because the veterinarian determined that this dog was suffering from a terrible and terminal condition, the owner made the decision to let him go.

It’s never easy for animal lovers to say goodbye to their pets when it’s time for them to depart. Although many people have the courage to do so, probably not as many as the guy in this narrative, who brings it “departure” with his own hands and buyers it as he does.

An image of Franklin Hardy’s father’s favorite dog sleeping on the ground and watching him diligently dig a hole was recently uploaded on his personal Facebook page by the American television scriptwriter Franklin Hardy. It was diagnosed by a doctor with a very dangerous, incurable sickness, and it was forced to accept that it would not survive the condition.

Instead of taking him to the clinic for the injection, the father preferred to administer it himself, and he prepared for this by digging a cemetery for the dog.

According to Franklin, “the vet informed my father over the phone that his dog needed to be put down, and he went home and performed the procedure himself.” “My father built a cemetery for the dog and let him to lay in it and watch the world go by.”

It is unclear if the dog realizes that the grave is intended for him or not; he seems to be aware that something horrible is going to happen to him, but the owners are unable to tell from his mournful expression. It is possible to be in agony.


However, even though he attempted to remain cool while digging his own grave, the father said that it was a very tough moment for him since he knew he would soon be losing his closest buddy to death. His dog, on the other hand, seemed to be completely unperturbed, just lying there and watching him do it without any peculiar emotion.

“Can you tell me why the veterinarian called to report the dog’s death? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Despite my repeated warnings that it wasn’t a good person, he insisted that it was an uncle. “You’re a good soldier.”

However, fortunately for the dog and its family, it wasn’t long before the doctor personally visited them at their house to check on them, and it turned out that his original diagnosis had been incorrect after all.

A doctor arrived to the residence to check on the dog and determined that it had been a false alarm. ” Wishing you the best of luck! The dog is in good health! “Wants to go completely insane with everything.”

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