Having been betrayed by one person, we frequently unconsciously expect others to follow suit. But no one can judge their whole life based on one incident and quit trusting people. Our history confirms that life frequently gives second chances.

The dog lives on the street, she has forgotten how she got there, whether she ever had a different life, and she hopes and thinks she will be able to find a new home.

Katya and her husband went shopping and came home exhausted. In the car, the couple discussed plans for the near future and laughed at jokes that only they could understand when Alexei sharply pressed the brakes.

The dog leaped out from beneath the automobile at the last time. The animal was unharmed, but froze a few millimetres from the hood. The pair exited the vehicle and studied the dog. The dog clearly lives on the street and needs a home and care.

Katya and her husband did not abandon the animal but brought it to the doctor. The animal was healthy, had only just entered the street, and had not yet established the habit of living alone. The doctor offered to take the dog to a shelter. Katya and Aleksey declined the offer and adopted the puppy. So the dog had a second opportunity at a happy life with a loving household.

By Elen

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