Dogs are well-known for the affection and protection they provide for their human companions, and this adorable pittie is no exception. Lucy is the sort of puppy that you can’t stop snuggling with because she is so cute. The sweet pit bull has developed a strong bond to her family, but it is her autistic brother, who is five years old, that she adores the most.

Despite the fact that the two are close today, and Lucy takes care of him in the manner of an overprotective mother, things were not always this way between them. In fact, immediately after the family got Lucy, the child became quite wary of her, and he began to get really frightened around her as well.

However, the sympathetic dog picked up on this and, to her surprise, understood that she was becoming a burden for the small human, so she gave him the space he needed. However, over time, they became involved in a similar interest, and they have formed an unbreakable friendship as a result.

“Even a few months after we had Lucy, we were still in love with her. “He was completely uninterested in her for the first year of her existence,” her mother, Miranda Peterson, recounted to The Dodo in an interview. The shift was too much for him, and he didn’t like her intruding on his personal space, according to the author.

Miranda’s husband, on the other hand, used to take their kid on frequent outings, and he just felt it would be a wonderful idea if Lucy could accompany them. And he was absolutely correct! This series of outings was essential in bringing Lucy and her brother closer together. Now, the three of them go on a stroll almost every day, and they get the most enjoyment out of doing so.

In Miranda’s words, “the regular excursion helped my son form a relationship with Lucy.” “Now he enjoys playing fetch with her, putting food in her dish on a daily basis, and sometimes going over to stroke her.”

Even though it took some time for the two of them to get close, Lucy and her brother are now unable to be parted. Because the lovely puppy has become so connected to her human companion, she can’t wait for him to get home from school each day. The cunning dog calmly sits at the bus stop, waiting for the kid to arrive. Lucy was able to become friends with everyone, even the bus driver, because of her pattern.

According to her mother, “one day she rushed inside the bus to follow her brother, and it was at that point that she first encountered the bus driver in person.” After that, he would come down a few steps from the bus stop for Lucy to go welcome him every day,” says the author.

Now, whenever Lucky sees the big yellow bus, she just dashes towards it and offers her brother a heartfelt hello. But she also expresses gratitude to the driver for transporting her brother safely back to his house.

The driver gives her a short touch, and then she rushes back to me as if she’s saying, ‘Mom!'” He has arrived! ‘It is, in fact, him!'” Miranda shared her thoughts. “After that, she comes back for more petting.” Her behavior is similar to that of a little alarm clock, in that she alerts me when the bus is approaching.” As soon as she sees me, she begins whimpering and stands at the door.”

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