A few years ago, an earthquake in Italy took the lives of an old lady who lived in her house with her cat. To her great surprise, the old widow was finally able to find her beloved cat, which had been lost among the devastation caused by the terrible disaster. Dora, who never gave up on her hunt for her long-lost cat, has finally been reunited with her companion after four years of seeking.

Dora’s friend Mimma Bei shared the following on social media:

He has been missing for a long time, and our dear Dora has never given up on finding him. Who knows where he has disappeared to?”

Since of the chaos caused by the earthquake, Dora lost her pet, which was heartbreaking because she assumed she would never see him or hear from her pet again.

This lady considers her pet to be a part of her family who has supplied her with love over a long period of time.

The fact that Dora’s cat had come home after four years was hard to comprehend. Despite the fact that they were both happy to be back together, the young child remained to hold his human.

The cat looked to be in excellent condition; no one knows where it had been during its four-year voyage, but it appeared to have eaten well throughout its four-year excursion, according to the cat’s owner.

That meeting was filled with love, and we are convinced that they will recoup those lost years and that they will never be separated once again.

By Elen

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