There is nothing more wonderful than seeing youngsters come up close to animals in distress and attempt to assist and calm them. With his unique manner of interacting with animals, particularly those in shelters, this 11-year-old youngster is a true inspiration to everyone who sees him in action.

The generosity and compassion that Evan Bisnauth demonstrates may be an inspiration to many people, despite his age of just eleven years. When it comes to animals, Evan – who hails from the Bronx, New York – has just one goal in mind: to aid as many dogs as possible, and he has already helped hundreds of them to far. It was in 2019 that he began this adventure, after seeing a little puppy chained to a fence in his neighborhood and contacting the Animal Care Center in New York City to seek for assistance.

Since then, Evan has volunteered to volunteer at the center, and no one could have predicted that he would end up doing such an incredible job!

According to Risa Weinstock, the Animal Care Center’s CEO, “His [Evan] commitment as a junior volunteer has given hundreds of canines a taste of what it might be like to live in a house curled up with a nice book and a best buddy.” There is a noticeable drop in their stress level since the dogs can feel that he is just there for them, says the trainer.

In addition to spending time with the dogs at the shelter, our little hero seems to have discovered the right approach to help them feel more comfortable — he reads to them!

According to the youngster, when he first meets the group, they are “extremely afraid and they feel quite vulnerable.” “As a result, I do my best to make them believe that we are really concerned about their well-being. I like spending time with them, talking with them, and reading to them.”

In addition to making the dogs more comfortable, the child claims that reading to them provides him with hope and drive to continue his education. The reason why I like reading it to the dogs is because after I’m through reading the book, I tell them, ‘You’re going to get adopted.’ “I’m beginning to believe in you,” he remarked.

Evan’s outstanding effort did not go unnoticed by others around him. In recognition of his outstanding efforts, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) honored him ‘Kid of the Year’ last year in recognition of his achievements. His mother can only be pleased with such a son, but she also said that he is attempting to adopt all of the dogs he comes across.

His mother, Amanda Persaud, described Evan as having “discovered something that he loves and is really committed to what he’s doing.” “As a parent, I think that to be quite commendable. Only issue is that he wishes he could have brought all of the dogs home with him at this point.

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