Pit Bull pupies, who had been born into an unjust circumstance, were being sold as fighting dogs in an effort to make money. The brothers, who should have been placed in loving homes, were instead facing a life of neglect and cruelty. Fortunately, a local rescue organization learned about their situation and helped.

The rescue organization, with the assistance of the authorities, was able to capture the complete litter, which they then shared on their social media page.

Tawny, a young lady who had seen the pups’ images, fell head over heals in love with Keiko after seeing them. Their municipality had a severe ordinance prohibiting the adoption of more than three dogs per home, and she wanted to adopt Keiko and his brother Niko as well. Tawny already has two other canine companions. She reached out to the rescue organization, and Keiko was welcomed into his new home within a few days of his arrival.

Although Keiko was a wonderful puppy, Tawny couldn’t shake the sensation that something was off with her. Despite this, she was able to get Keiko settled in and he formed a wonderful relationship with her other dogs. Sadly, their eldest dog, who had had a great and long life, went suddenly due to natural causes. They were all in a state of shock. In the meanwhile, as if by chance, Tawny was browsing through her phone when she came upon a picture of Niko with an urgent note attached to it. It was a bad situation for Niko since he had been adopted by a bad family. The rescue team pleaded with them to bring Niko back, which they duly did. He was in desperate need of a new home.

Tawny was the first to respond and came to the rescue. When they realized they were a family of two dogs, they realized Niko belonged with them. The rescue organization agreed. They picked Niko up the next day and took him back to his house. There had been a lot of stress placed on the poor dog. He was a sweetheart, but he was also incredibly shy. “If we attempted to walk over him, he’d flinch,” Tawny says in the video. Whenever we attempted to put a leash on him, he urinated on himself.” Niko was in desperate need of being protected and cherished.

Keiko recognized Niko as his brother the instant he laid eyes on him for the first time at their new house with his wife and children. This was precisely what Niko needed: someone who remembered him and had a personal connection to him. Keiko became his closest friend and protector, never leaving his side during their time together on the island.

When Niko moved into his new house, his first night was a little frightening. After putting him in his new kennel with his new blankets, his new mom and dad did their best to soothe him as much as they could. The contrary was true for Keiko. He knew Niko needed him to fall asleep, and he was prepared to provide it. So she crept into his box and snuggled up next to him, and the two of them fell asleep together.

This is a really amazing tale, which continues in the video below. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens next! Poor Niko had been severely traumatized and was still struggling to cope with his feelings– but, miraculously, his brother understood precisely what to do to help him make a positive shift in his life. 

Watch the video here:

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