Aaron Jackson has the ability to be at the right place at the right moment in order to achieve success.

As soon as he realized that assistance was required, the founder of the charitable organization hurried to the border between Poland and Ukraine on the very earliest airplane he could arrange. “I was paying attention to the news and the progression of events at a time when everything was just getting started,” Jackson said. In the newspaper, there was a story about these immigrants who were living at the railway station, and approximately two hours after reading that story, he went out and got a plane ticket, and he left that same day.”

Jackson had not expected to be called upon to assist families with animals, but upon arrival, he saw that the family’s cohesiveness was essential.
Over two million individuals have left Ukraine, with the majority settling in Poland. Finding homes is becoming more difficult, particularly in areas where animals are not permitted to reside, according to Jackson.

Jackson and his colleagues searched for migrants who had pets and were in need of long-term housing.

shelter. In the following days, he arrived at the appropriate location and time once again!

Jackson paid a visit to a local animal sanctuary. Bella, a gorgeous cockerel, was strolling on a leash when we arrived.

The manager of Jackson’s shelter informed him that they were homeless refugees who did not want to leave their dog outdoors, therefore they were ready to leave it at the shelter.
Jackson was able to establish a pet-friendly environment at his house in less than 30 minutes. Everyone, even Bella, who couldn’t stop moving her tail, was beaming with happiness.

Pet food is donated to large refugee facilities along the border by the organization. He wished for humans and pets to be able to eat nutritious food after enduring lengthy struggles.

“And if a guy decides to do it for his dog, I will never be the one to tell him that he must put the animal down.’ ” «I will do all in my power to accommodate them and their dogs, particularly since they have already contributed so much.”

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