With Felix and Bolt, there is no such thing as “average.” It’s true that they’re adorable, but these cats were meant to be working! Huddersfield railway station is situated in Yorkshire, England, and is just across the street from them. Young Bolt, a magnificent long-haired tuxedo cat, joined Felix, who had been leading the charge for many years.

Felix was born on May 17, 2011, and she was nine weeks old when she arrived at the station on that day. It seems that she was reared by a caring household, but despite all of the affection she could have wished for, she had a desire to work as a working cat, according to her Facebook profile. Because her new colleagues at the station mistook her for a male, they gave her the name Felix to honor her. Upon returning from their first visit to the veterinarian, they chose to preserve her name, which she had been used to and fond of by the time they determined her gender.

Her presence was instantly loved and appreciated from the minute Felix arrived at the station in 2011, more than three years ago. Every person who passed by the station on a daily basis started to pay attention to her and eventually became her admirer. Following the creation of her Facebook profile by commuter Mark Allan in July 2015, she got widespread worldwide recognition.

With the exception of the fact that she is wearing a high-vis vest that states she is a “Senior Pest Controller,” it’s impossible not to find her lovely and attractive. The author of this cat’s first book had an agreement to publish it within two years of meeting him.

Clearly, when she wasn’t busy being a celebrity on the platform, she was a star on the Internet.

The lady even had a cat flap created for her so she could easily pass the ticket barrier back and forth!

In an interview with the BBC’s Andy Croughan, station manager at London Bridge station, he described what it was like to collaborate with writer Kate Moore, author of 2017’s Felix the Railway Cat.

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