An adorable stray kitten was brought into a veterinary clinic one day and quickly won the hearts of everyone who saw her.

When the little kitten was discovered as a stray with a neck wound and an infection, she was transported to a local rescue shelter for treatment.

What caught everyone’s attention right away were the kitten’s ‘Yoda-like’ ears, which just warmed the hearts of everyone who saw her.

To get treatment, she was sent to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital. “Dr. Alisha Kidwell, DVM, is the veterinarian who is caring for her. He loves her and she is really cuddly,” said Jana Aviles, a vet assistant who cares for the animal.

A mere 6.5 pounds weighed down on the small cutie, but she more than makes up for it with her infectious attitude.

Despite the fact that she is lacking her front teeth and so sticks out her tongue a lot, this just adds to her adorableness.

According to them, they aren’t certain of her (precise) age.” A year or so has passed since she was born. Love Meow spoke with Shelby Beers, who said, “She’s rather little for an adult cat.”

She also adores cuddling, and she is usually delighted to get cuddles from her human companions, with whom she spends a lot of time socializing.

Shelby said that she and her friends “carry her around like a baby kangaroo” and that “she simply goes asleep” while doing so.

It is not yet known what the adorable kitten’s given name will be; nevertheless, the veterinarians have affectionately dubbed her “Yoda kitty.”

“Only in the United States do we have almost 70 million stray cats.” “Each year, four million cats are surrendered to wildlife rescue facilities,” stated Jana.

After being rescued, Yoda cat may finally be treated as an inside cat and get the love, comfort, and protection she has always deserved.

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