In the Ellicott Creek Dog Park, Don Chatten was walking his two rescue dogs when one of his dogs stopped just under the bridge, looking strange and refusing to move. Don immediately called for help.

Don made the decision to follow along. Soon later, he became aware of a faint whimpering coming from the creek behind him.

As soon as Don became aware that there was a missing dog in the area, he proceeded to investigate whether or not he could locate him. As it turned out, he did come across a dog that was isolated by cold water on all sides. Don screamed out to the passing guests of the park to phone 911, but he realized that by the time aid came, the small puppy would most likely have passed away by then. As a result, he had to act quickly.

Without hesitation – Don decided to go in and save the dog himself. On the rescue effort, he broke through the ice with his forearm and waded waist-deep into the freezing water with his forearm. In the end, he managed to keep the puppy close to his chest and crawl back to the beach as quickly as he possibly could.

Jackson, the dog’s name, belonged to a Terrier mix breed. As soon as the pair was able to get out of the water, the dog was transported to the veterinarian to make sure everything was in working order.

Veterans reported that Jackson was still alive and well among them as a result of Don’s heroism and quick thinking. The dog’s owner, like everyone else, was overjoyed to be reunited with his small family member.

Locals are applauding Don for his bravery, but he maintains that the whole incident was the result of the dog’s actions, since it was the dog that screamed out for aid when it detected danger.

We wish there were more Dons like him out there in the world to aid animals in need.

By Elen

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