When the lady saw the little animal in the center of the highway traffic, she took swift and decisive measures to save it.

As reported by the sharing, while driving on the bridge at the end of the day, the owner of the automobile saw a miserable kitten trembling and soaking as a result of the rain that had fallen throughout the day. Although it is unclear why this animal has appeared in this location, the picture of the cat, still crouching in terror, causes the lady to empathize. She made the decision to pull over immediately in order to rescue the kitty.

When drivers behind the automobile saw what had happened, they didn’t boo or blow their horns, and the situation was quickly resolved. Also donated were a towel to clean the cat and a milk box to feed the kitten in order to keep him from becoming hungry while on the road. Even the mother was surprised to get a thank you card from a passing youngster, which was… Everyone felt sorry for the automobile owner and expressed their admiration for him.

After the story was published on social media, the deed garnered several plaudits from citizens, who believed that even a simple gesture might make a difference.

“Thank you very much for assisting the kitten; without your assistance, the cat’s story would have ended in such a tragic manner.”

In the end, even a modest kind act may make someone feel warm and fuzzy inside. “I hope the kitty finds a better home with its new family!”

“I’m not sure who abandoned me on the bridge like that, but it’s still pouring down rain outside!”

By Elen

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