This is the lovely moment a detecting canine is put into retirement with an adorable surprise. After an eight years career with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the canine called TTirado receives a sendoff celebration he never dreamt of. Instead of awards and prizes, the TSA handed him a sea of tennis balls to recognize him for his remarkable service. A moment he truly appreciated!

For years, TTirado – a 10 1/2-year-old black lab – served as a detection canine at the Indianapolis International Airport, smelling hundreds of baggage and keeping people safe. So when the time came to put an end to this great career, his comrades cooked up a small surprise for their devoted sniffer canine.

They tied some balloons to four airport seats and placed a red bag in front of them. Then TTirado was summoned for one final sniff. But immediately after he finished his duty, hundreds and dozens of tennis balls flew from overhead, throwing the dog into a frenzy. TTirado truly appreciated the occasion. A richly earned one, after so many years of devotion.

TTirado will be getting a lot of delicious goodies from now on, thanks to the fact that he has been adopted by his handler, Keith Gray, with whom he has experienced some wonderful experiences. “I am grateful to have such a wonderful companion in TTirado as my first puppy,” Gray expressed gratitude. “He has taught me a great deal over the years, and I’ve been astounded at his development and how far we’ve gone as a result.”

The two are already planning a trip across the nation, with a particular emphasis on visiting the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City for a very specific purpose. Hector Luis Tirado Jr., a New York Engine 23 firefighter who died during the September 11th attacks, was honored by having his detection dog named after him.

For TTirado, handler Keith Gray said, “I have three travel objectives for him: New York City to visit the Ground Zero Memorial and FDNY Station 23, where his namesake worked; Atlanta to meet one of Hector’s sons and his family, with whom we have maintained contact; and Las Vegas to visit his namesake.” “And last, to San Antonio, where he will see his foster family, who cared for him throughout his puppy years,” he says.

Thank you very much for your assistance, TTirado! You may find out more about TTirado’s retirement celebration below:

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