Tulip is a 10-month-old tuxedo cat who has encountered a number of challenges in her life thus far.

Despite his adversity, he continues to be cheerful and upbeat with the beginning of each new day.

He was discovered on the streets of Toronto, Canada, as a two-week-old kitten. She was suffering from a serious eye infection and was in desperate need of medical attention.

When the rescuer was catching him, the cat couldn’t keep a smile off his face. He was cheerful and kind.

The adorable, small feline had no idea that the picture would help her find a lifelong loving home, but she was right.

Jenn and Chris were looking for a buddy for their cat, Pinecone, when they came across this website.

It was the adorable creature’s grin that caught their attention, and they quickly made up their minds to adopt her.

When the couple went to see her, the cat was still beaming despite the fact that she was at a shelter.

They were taken aback by the fact that the cat had retained her cheerful expression and fell in love with her both for her beauty and her personality.

When they brought her home, they saw that her grin was constantly visible on her face, no matter where she was.

She also made excellent friends with Pinecone, the other cat in the home, and they got quite close.

For Tulip, every day is a happy day as she is surrounded with a good friend and a loving family.

This story reminds us once more that no matter how hard the circumstances, everything is temporary.

By Elen

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