A cat discovered in a carrier on the pavement with her kittens is overjoyed to have been rescued by kind neighbors.

A cat and her litter of six kittens were discovered outdoors in a neighborhood, according to Ellen Richter, a Las Vegas foster caregiver.

Residents uncovered two carriers, one with the cat mother and her babies and the other with two adult cats assumed to be the cat mother’s siblings.

Their owners abandoned them on the sidewalk when they moved away. “Fortunately, the neighbors brought them in that night and began phoning for assistance,” Ellen told Love Meow.

“One of my friends noticed the request and was able to arrange for the cat mom to be picked up, transported to safety with her pups, and sponsored by a rescue organization.”

Another rescue group stepped in to take in the two remaining adult cats, vetting, neutering, and placing them up for adoption.

Valentina, the mother cat, and her kittens were placed in foster care with Ellen last weekend so that she could have a safe environment to grow her offspring and lots of food.

Valentina was fatigued from the event and spent the first night in bed with her kittens. She was finally able to unwind and get some much-needed slumber.

“She stretched out and fell asleep quickly. “I didn’t have the heart to move her yet,” Ellen said to Love Meow, “so I sat there on the floor, whispering gently to her, letting her know she didn’t have to worry anymore.”

“I’d like to believe she realized she was finally secure and calm in her own house.”

Valentina was ecstatic with her own cozy nest, complete with bedding and an all-you-can-eat buffet. She instantly emerged from her shell, activated her purring motor, and continued to rumble over the day.

The adoring mother guards her kittens and attends to their every need.

Valentina guards her demanding children fiercely. Ellen Richter is a freelance writer who lives in New

She is grateful for her foster mother’s assistance and is beginning to appreciate pets and cuddle time with her human. She would approach Ellen for some attention whenever she wants a break.

“Considering all that occurred to her in those two days,” Ellen told Love Meow, “I’m still shocked that she is so kind.”

The cats begin to open their eyes for the first time to look about. As a consequence of their growing strength and curiosity, the tiny ones are becoming more active, wiggling and trying to find their feet.

Mama Valentina keeps a close eye on her kids to make sure they don’t wander out too far.

Valentina is overjoyed to have a roof over her and her infants’ heads, as well as a foster family to help her and her children grow. Her kittens are at her side, feeding or napping away while she kneads on her blankets in happiness.

“She simply wants to be near to me and seeks human contact when I sleep with her on the floor,” Ellen said. “I tell her she’s lovely, and we’ll find her a family that loves and adores her,” says the narrator.

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