Simba was abandoned in Cape Town, South Africa since he was different from all of the other “regular” dogs in the area. As zenoonee says, the poor puppy had been unwell for a long period of time and was depressed.

Simba wasn’t going to be very energetic or joyous, which was one of the reasons why his prior owners decided to get rid of him. A rescue squad located him and transported him to a nearby shelter. The staff and veterinarian were both shocked to find the pup in such poor condition. How can someone give up on a live being in such a short period of time?

The fact that animals have emotions, just like humans, is frequently overlooked. What would you think if you were going through a difficult time and your family or closest friends decided to abandon you? What would you do? Unfortunately, there are some folks who are quite cruel but thank God, there are also some kindhearted people and rescue shelters that do an incredible job assisting these precious creatures in need.

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