Dayana Davila was suffering from a case of puppy fever, so she went to a nearby pet shop to check if any lovely puppies were available.

One of the first pups Dayana came across was the cutest little Dachshund she’d ever seen. She requested to see the puppy so that she could hold him in her arms and decide whether or not she wanted to adopt him and make him a member of her family, which she did. Unfortunately, there was one thing that prevented Dayana from making her choice.

A cute little Dachshund, who happened to be in another cage at the time, saw her taking his closest little friend out of the pen and walking away. While the small pup pawed at the window, his heart was breaking as he pleaded with the humans, as if to beg, “Please don’t take my closest buddy away, or at the very least, take me with you!”

Dayana uploaded the video footage of her heartbreaking meeting on her TikTok profile, where it has been seen by more than 15 million people to far. Millions of her admirers jumped in to express their displeasure at the image of the dog pining for the one and only companion he had in the whole universe. The employees were also curious if Dayana had bought both puppies before leaving the shop.

“You guys are asking whether I got two pups or if I just got one,” she said in another video released to TikTok with an update. As it turned out, I couldn’t afford both of them, therefore I couldn’t receive either of them.

She said that she’d been wanting a puppy for a long time and that she would consider rescuing a dog from a shelter or saving up enough money to return to the shop and purchase the two little Dachshunds. Dayana updated her fans a few months after her video went popular, stating that she had welcomed a new dog into the family, but that it was neither a Dachshund nor one purchased from a pet shop.

We wish Dayana the best of luck with her newest companion.

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