When the faithful doggy realized that her owner was going, she experienced feelings that cannot be described.

Before bringing a pet into our home, we must consider the possibility that our beloved animal will one day leave us. It is extremely difficult for animal lovers to separate with their favorite animal, especially if they share a home with them. Dogs, like people, experience the same emotions as they do. When they come to deal with the reality that they may one day be separated from their owners, they feel bad.

As for our doggy Mollie, she couldn’t hide her emotions when knew that her daddy was in a severe situation.

The hospital staff was aware of the doggies real connection to her master, and so they decided to allow her to enter the room and say goodbye to the passing gentleman.

Following the viewing of the film, our hearts are devastated and we are in tears. In the video, the sad dog comes to the aid of her beloved owner, who is near gone. What happened after that was quite amazing.

By Elen

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