The Indian rock python is a python species that grows to reach approximately 3 meters in length in adults. It exhibits predatory behavior, running after victims. Is it possible for pythons to become aware of the presence of kittens?

In the cave, an Indian rock python (scientific name: Python molurus) has quietly approached the group of kittens that are shivering. As a result, the young and little kittens become food for a wide range of other predators.

The mother cat, on the other hand, has extremely focus of the current, and they have detected the danger and called forĀ help instantly.

The mother cat moved carefully toward the rock python, which had its big jaws extended to strike the menacing cats. Four ferocious eyes stared at each other as the mother cat neared.

The mother cat “hit” the rock python in the face with its front paw, causing it to attack in a violent manner.

Despite this, the mother cat is not in danger since the adversary is also a dangerous predator, which the cat would generally avoid when faced with pythons in the wild.

The mother cat slapped the enormous python in the face as it stood in front of the cave entrance.

In an emergency situation, a homeowner discovered a potentially dangerous situation, and he quickly removed the big python’s tail and “evicted” it into the surrounding forest.

Then they moved the cat’s mother and daughter to a more secure location to avoid being seen by the enemy.

The African rock python is the longest snake on the African continent, measuring up to three meters in length. Despite its size, this huge python is highly powerful and aggressive, and it is prepared to attack big prey that moves in front of its eyes, even people.

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