Julie is a wonderful match for her given name; she is warm and kind, much like this dog herself. Her character might be defined as smooth and pleasant since she seems to be glowing with love and beauty from inside. Julie is recognized by her attitude and her ability to remain cool under pressure. You can’t help but fall in love with this puppy from the moment you see him!

She had to deal with a number of betrayals. The first thing her mother did was throw her out into the street. As a result, Julie wound herself in the industrial zone, where she was cared for by the employees. When the infant grew up, she was sold to a third party. The dog, on the other hand, was deceived by the new owners, who abandoned him on the street.

Julie is now attempting to manage her situation on her own. She is unattached; she does not have any owners. Some may even consider it to be beneficial. But, in this particular instance, is freedom really necessary? No one seems to care about the dog, and she is continually forced to run from the myriad hazards that come with living on the streets. Such unbridled freedom may sometimes have very negative repercussions.

Julie is being looked after and supported in some way by volunteers. They even took her to a sterilization clinic, where she was successfully sterilized. A new home for this adorable puppy is found as quickly as possible, and the public is encouraged to do so. A family that loves and cares for her is deserving of such a gorgeous young lady!

By Elen

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