It was discovered by employees at a nearby firm in Corpus Christi, Texas, that an orange kitten had gone missing and there was no indication of its mother in the area. As soon as a rescuer came, the homeless kitten clung to him with determination as he waved goodbye to his life on the streets, despite his apparent fear and confusion.

The animal was rescued by Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, which responded to the call and relocated the cat to a secure location. Because he was covered in fleas and grime, the small youngster required a thorough washing as well as plenty of care.

Lindsay Haglund, the parenting coordinator at Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, made the following statement:

When our cat rescue team arrived, he dashed to an industrial yard, where he took refuge behind a large forklift. It seemed so little compared to the massive forklift. ” It seemed to be a fluffy ball of orange cotton.”

At first, he was afraid and apprehensive, but as time went on, he started to feel at ease in the arms of the rescuer. 

Lindsay says: As a result, we called him Skywalker since he was found at the del Cielo Home Healthcare office, which means “sent from heaven” or “from heaven” in Spanish.

When Skywalker first came to his residential care, he was scared of people and tried to keep his distance by avoiding eye contact with his foster parents. Their patience with him, as well as their provision of sufficient room, food, and care, were much appreciated by his new family.

When Skywalker realized he was in a secure place in his new home, he started to display his endearing personality.

Due to all of the love and care he got in his foster home, the orange kitten’s health healed quickly, and he started to forget his fear of people, approaching his humans while they were sitting on the couch. He eventually developed into a spoiled and affectionate cat.

Lindsay went on to state the following:

“After completing his treatment and obtaining her first vaccination, he was relocated to another foster home where he was allowed to mingle with other cats.” It didn’t take long for him to become friends with the neighborhood cats, and his favorite hobby was chasing them around the Christmas tree.”

The inquisitive Skywalker was drawn to the Christmas tree and couldn’t help but come over to inspect it, over time, he matured into a sociable little kitten that enjoys being close to his humans; he is now ready to begin on a new chapter in his life with his new family.

Everyone is thrilled with the new chapter that awaits him, and they are glad to see how it has blossomed, as Lindsay informs him.

She says the following:

In the beginning, Skywalker was a very scared and nervous kitten when they first discovered him. He has matured into a fascinating, gorgeous, and caring kitten that will provide joy to his future family for the rest of their life and will make them incredibly happy. Parenting saves lives, and it is for this reason that we carry out our responsibilities.

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