Prom is one of the pleasures of our adolescent years, but it also comes with a significant amount of pressure. There are two major decisions to be made: what to dress and what to bring with you.

“What to bring” is often the most difficult question to answer. It must be someone you like spending time with, someone you feel comfortable with, and someone you will enjoy spending the whole night with.

Trying to find an appropriate date If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself in the company of other lucky people. However, when faced with a problem, it is sometimes necessary to think outside of the box.

Sam Steinard, a teenager, was trying hard to find a partner for prom when he came up with the brilliant idea to solve the problem in the most creative manner possible.
He made the decision to invite his best friend Ruby to join him in his enterprise!

Since joining the party, I haven’t been able to enjoy all of the activities. However, even though Sam was really concerned about the dread of people, they still had the most romantic premier people present at the time. She was a genuine girl, so Sam dressed her up and put her in a pair of slacks exactly like a real girl, and she was going to the prom celebration. 

When that melting moment came along, it was a moment to remember. “My brother thought you were going to prom,” said Carline, Sam’s sister.

Ruby was discovered by the Steinard family at the Ruby Tuesday restaurant when he was a kitten, and he has become a member of the family ever since then.

Ruby has now been a part of Sam’s life for ten years, and she couldn’t have been happier to be there on the occasion of his wedding.

The picture has received a lot of attention and has been shared all over the internet by thousands of people. Ruby and Eeryne are undoubtedly the cutest couples on the planet, and people all around the world are obsessing over them.

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