When his callous family made the decision to abandon him, tiny Roscoe was completely unaware of what was taking place. As soon as he discovered that everyone had left except for him, he became a bit concerned, but he remained optimistic that everyone would return.

Unfortunately, all of the poor dog’s aspirations were dashed when the humans he previously adored died. As a reward for Roscoe’s undying devotion, they chained him to a wooden cage with just a little amount of food and water to keep him alive. Roscoe, on the other hand, never lost up hope, despite his precarious condition. Things became more complex, though, when a large amount of snow fell in South Illinois a few days ago.

However, just when the dog’s position was becoming more difficult, unexpected assistance appeared out of nowhere. Someone had just happened across the poor little puppy, who was shivering in the heavy snow, and ran to his aid. He phoned the Effingham County Animal Control, and officers Vanessa Skavlem and Warden Michelle Shoot were on the way to the location within minutes of his call.

In an interview with The Dodo, officer Vanessa Skavlem revealed that a resident had phoned because it had snowed the night before, and that it was a significant quantity of snow and quite cold for southern Illinois. “By the time we got there, he was simply shivering,” says the doctor.

The moment Roscoe became aware that someone was approaching him, he instantly began to wag his tail in anticipation of the fact that his life would be forever changed. However, it does not compare to the dog’s surprise when he finally realizes he is in a safe environment. The two cops wrapped a blanket over the 10-pound dog and placed it in the back of their patrol cruiser. Poor Roscoe had not experienced warmth in some weeks, and this was the first opportunity he had had in that time.

‘He was just overjoyed to see us,’ Vanessa says. “He really came racing out.” His whining would continue incessantly.” It looks like this when you rescue a young puppy that was living on a chain in the frigid winter and bring him home to your family.”

Even though he’s at a shelter now, the small Roscoe is safer and happier than he’s ever been, and he beams with delight every time he sees the lady who saved his life. “When he sees us, he gets so excited that he wiggles and leaps up on you,” Vanessa said. I love how he makes this cute whine that almost sounds like he’s talking to you, and it just seems like he’s feeling feelings and is thankful.”

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