Pilot Michael Schneider recently prepared his jet for one of the most memorable journeys of his career, which included the transport of more than 50 rescued cats in collaboration with the organization Pilots to the Rescue, which Michael founded as a non-profit dedicated to assisting thousands of animals in pain.

According to People, Michael formed the foundation in order to integrate his two primary loves, aviation and animal rescue, into one organization. The vast majority of the rescue flights that Pilots to the Rescue does on a daily basis are flown by volunteer pilots, and he is responsible for piloting many of the missions that the organization undertakes on a regular basis.

They often transport animals from overcrowded shelters who would otherwise be euthanized if not transferred. The organisation then relocates them securely to other shelters that have the space and resources to give these animals a second opportunity at finding a permanent home.

Michael just returned from an incredible journey that included 51 feline travelers. From New Jersey, he took a flight to North Carolina, where he picked up a large number of cats from the Carolina Cat Rescue Center.

Volunteers from a North Carolina animal rescue group met with Michael and handed him the 51 rescued animals. Until they were rescued by Carolina Cat Rescue, the bulk of the kittens had lived on the streets and experienced a traumatic existence.

The minute Michael finished carefully loading the 51 kittens onto the aircraft in North Carolina, he set off on his way to Connecticut. Although the felines had a difficult start to their lives, everyone predicted that they would have a good chance in the future.

When the cats arrived in Connecticut, they were greeted by volunteers from a number of different New England animal shelters. Kittens will be cared for in these foster homes until they can be placed in a permanent home with their forever families.

Michael and Pilots to the Rescue rescued the lives of kittens at the Carolina Cat Rescue and the New England Animal Shelters by transporting them to safety within hours of their arrival. This journey constitutes a considerable financial and resource commitment on the part of the shelters, who would be required to transport the cats in a safe manner.

It is an enormous pleasure for Pilots to the Rescue to be able to provide additional opportunities for animals to find forever homes while also aiding volunteers who rescue thousands of animals from awful endings. They want to continue providing this service for a long time in the future.

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