Stoyan and Dessy are a married couple that reside in the country of Bulgaria. They devote a significant amount of time to keeping an eye out for stray cats in their area, and they aim to one day construct a shelter to enable them to expand their care program.

It is entirely out of their own wallets that they care for the cats, or with the assistance of contributions received from their YouTube viewers.

In this video, we witness them going on their nightly rounds, taking out the garbage, and providing food for the stray cats in the neighborhood.

The sound of little meows emanating from within the trash accompanies them as they approach it. A shoebox containing baby kittens had been dumped into the garbage by an unidentified individual.

The trash truck generally makes its rounds at approximately 5 a.m., so these small kittens were fortunate that Stoyan and Dessy happened to be there at that time of day. The night was frigid, and they had no way of knowing how long the two kittens had been trapped in the trash can.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is not unusual where they reside, particularly around kitten season. People abandon newborn kittens in dumpsters, plastic bags, and other unsanitary conditions.

This loving couple does everything they can to assist, but many of the children do not survive because they are so young.

Consequently, they brought the kittens home and placed them in a warm location near four other abandoned kittens that they had previously rescued. They started feeding the kittens every two hours when they had warmed up a little bit.

It seemed to be a boy and a girl; they were around 10 days old, according to their estimates. Soon, their eyes will come open, and they will be faced with the task of naming their children.

I am certain that this loving pair will do all possible things to protect these kittens’ lives.

Take a look at the video to see what occurred:

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