The exact reason Mickey ended up at the shelter is still a mystery, but three days after she was placed in a foster home, she gave birth to five black and white kittens that looked just like their mother!

The delivery of Mickey was complicated by a severe upper respiratory illness that arrived the next day after she gave birth to her son.

Unfortunately for the animals that are rescued, URI’s are widespread in animal shelters, which is bad news. They are readily transferrable and quite hard to manage after they have been transferred.

Shelter personnel does all they can to prevent the spread of these illnesses, but it is hard to halt the spread of these viruses completely. They may even be conveyed via the air that they breathe!

Ryan, her foster father, saw that Mickey was having problems breathing and phoned the rescue organization right away.

Mickey and her puppies were transported to the veterinarian so that they might get the care they need. She was taken away from her children immediately, but it was too late to save them. Her infants had already gotten the sickness via her milk, which they had consumed.

Mickey’s infants were taken into emergency foster care, where they were bottle-fed, tube fed, and cured for their disease.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. They were only two days old, and since they did not have access to their mother’s milk to aid in the development of their immune systems, they regrettably lost the

Mickey was given a lot of medicine and was hooked up to an IV to keep her alive for a while. She had been in the intensive care unit for a week, and everyone said it was a miracle that she had survived. However, as soon as Mickey regained consciousness, it became evident to everyone that she was miserable and sorely missed her children.

Then the rescue center received a call, stating that there was a litter of four orphaned black and white kittens that had lost their mother to unknown circumstances. This may be just what Mickey has been looking for.

Mickey and the abandoned kittens were reunited by the volunteers, and the two were instantly attracted to one another.

Mama Mickey started licking her new offspring, who seemed to be remarkably similar to her own kittens, and the kittens began to eat themselves.

Mickey and her new kittens are doing well and are interacting as though they are all part of one huge happy family.

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