An emotional reunion occurred between a lady from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, and her long-lost dog when the latter was unexpectedly rediscovered after almost two years. During her search for a new furry friend on an adoption website, the grieving lady came onto the dog that she had fallen in love with years before.

Aisha Nieves felt she was living in a nightmare when she first woke up in 2019. Her former home in Allentown was damaged by a car, but as if that weren’t horrible enough, her four-legged closest friend, called Kovu, went missing. Her dog and the young woman developed a very deep bond and the young girl was upset when she learned she would not see him again. Despite the fact that she had been looking for him for weeks, she had come up empty-handed.

“He was my little boy. She assured the journalists that he would accompany her “wherever she went.” “Put simply, he is the definition of a man’s closest companion. When I returned home later that day, I discovered that he had vanished and that he was no longer there to greet me and kiss me on the cheek like he normally did. My hunt for him began with a thorough check of the whole home, followed by a thorough search of Allentown for almost a week, with no success.”

After many weeks had passed after the tragedy, Aisha finally received word of Kovu’s whereabouts, but the news was only worse. She discovered that her dog had been located and sent to the Lehigh County Humane Society, but that he had been adopted by another family in the meanwhile. The young lady could do nothing as a result of this situation!

However, something really extraordinary occurred two years later. Aisha decided that she wanted to share her life with another puppy, so she began looking for a dog that she could adopt. However, when she was going through the Humane Society’s adoption list, she came across a familiar face — Kovu was once again available for adoption. Aisha’s heart began to race as if it were about to leap out of her chest, and she realized she would have to go to whatever lengths to reconcile with her old buddy, even if it meant risking her own life.

The woman informed WFMZ that he had a scar above his right eye that needed to be repaired. “It’s not as apparent as it used to be, but it was evident in the image they had.”

The lady quickly contacted the Humane Society to inform them of the situation, and it was just a short distance between there and a very emotional reunion for the two of them. “I was dripping with perspiration. I felt my hands begin to shake,” she recounts. “I was worried that he wouldn’t recognize me since it had been so long since we had last spoken.”

All of Aisha’s concerns vanished as soon as Kovu saw his favorite human in front of his eyes for the first time. The devoted dog instantly recognized her and ran to her assistance!! Then he leaped on me, and we began kissing and holding one other, she said. In response, I told him, ‘Yeah, buddy, you’re going back home.'” I’m really sorry that this occurred. “I’m never going to lose you again.”

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