The Russian city of Rostov is home to a beautiful cat with an interesting look that is well-known around the world. With his gray coat and stunning emerald eyes, this rescued cat stands out among the other cats at the shelter. In spite of her best efforts, the once-adorable kitten was discovered in a backyard, pleading for rescue. However, this one-of-a-kind feline was fortunate in that he was adopted by someone who was committed to providing him with a loving home, caring for him, and ensuring he had a permanent home.

Fedya’s owner, Natalia Zhdanova, was approached by the owner of a prominent cat website with the hopes of having Fedya included on the site. Let’s find out more about Fedya, a rescued cat that has a skeptical expression on his face when we first meet him.

It was discovered during a talk with Fedya’s owner that the following facts regarding the Cat’s life had come to light. Continue reading to find out more!

How would you describe Fedya’s personality?

Fedya is a kind and friendly cat that loves to cuddle. Despite the fact that he is intelligent, he is clumsy, and he sometimes steps into the bowl after eating. He is adored by our whole family, and he is also a kind host to our frequent visitors. But the first time he encounters a new person, he becomes afraid and flees the scene.

He always appears surprised, so is he in good health?

Fedya is normally in good health, despite the fact that he sneezes often and suffers from vision issues as a result of his malformed eye structure. We have to wash his face and treat him for sinus issues on a regular basis.

Does he have any favorite hobbies?

Federica takes us on walks across the neighborhood whenever feasible, walks around our yard, and guards us from intruding cats. Sleeping, eating, and lying down in his mother’s arms are some of his favorite activities. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with moving items, yet he is incapable of driving a ball.

He embodies compassion and the belief that all creatures, no matter how different, may have happy and full lives.

By Elen

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