In order for her to guide her back to her kittens, a stray mother cat convinced her rescuer that she should be allowed to go outside once again.

A lady in the Canadian city of Port Coquitlam, near Vancouver, was startled when she saw a mother cat and two kittens emerge from a carport. The nice woman welcomed the young family into her home, but the mother insisted on being allowed to go again. Once the door was opened, she immediately returned to the carport and, one by one, pulled out five additional kittens from hiding!

The woman determined that calling VOKRA for assistance was the best course of action, and today this large cat family is in excellent hands at their foster home. It wasn’t long after they adopted the furry family that they realized that one of their puppies was walking a little strangely.

In the words of Maria, who is responsible for the kittens’ upkeep: “Mom is a sweetheart, and her mix of kids is likely no more than 4 weeks old.” The unfortunate reality is that one of the tiny guys has a severely wounded rear limb and is missing a foot. The wound has been there for a long and has become infected, but with a little TLC, he should be able to return to his previous level of activity.”

When caring for a kitten with a damaged limb, it is necessary to dip his leg in a particular liquid that will aid in the baby’s healing.

Long John Silver has been affectionately nicknamed by his friends and family because of his stunning silver fur. And, despite the fact that he is missing a portion of his rear leg, nothing can stand in his way!

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