Adopting an animal involves a significant amount of responsibility. The situation is made much more difficult when the creatures you want to capture are considered to be natural enemies. Fortunately, this is not the case with this particular family.

A dog called Raylan was acquired from a shelter by a lady from the United States eight years ago. Since then, she has never regretted her decision since Raylan is an extraordinarily intelligent and compassionate individual. He knows how to open the refrigerator door, switch off the lights in the home, and look after the other dogs in the house.

The lady has devoted her life to helping animals, and she often takes in abandoned kittens until she can place them with a new family. And Raylan is delighted to assist her in caring for them.

Initially, the owner was afraid of leaving such a large dog alone with such little kittens, but she is now certain that he would never hurt them. It seems that Raylan has discovered his true calling after having raised many hundred kittens so far.

We are overjoyed to see how animals can put aside their differences and become closest friends. And that this wonderful family has rescued (and will continue to save) a large number of kittens. Wishing you the best of luck!

By Elen

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