The tears were streaming down his face as this police officer expressed his happiness at having been reunited with his K9 companion after so many years apart from one another. During a South African Police Service rescue operation, the devoted dog went missing, and his handler has been heartbroken since. Nevertheless, after many days of searching, the dog has been discovered alive, and the officer could not be happier!

Olive, a police canine, went lost while on a rescue operation with her handler, Constable Songezile Katikati. During their search for a missing individual in a deep woodland in South Africa’s Sulenkama area, the two encountered a dog that they were attempting to track down. However, what should have been a successful search suddenly turned into a nightmare for both the brave dog and her handler as the man became separated from his companion for over two days in the jungle.

Olive was scared away by a gang of dogs just as the couple was about to get into their car. She became frightened, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. After many years of working together, Constable and his dedicated partner were crushed by the news.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, the officer described Olive as “my closest buddy and company.” The fact that she is trained in rescuing drowning victims, searching for missing individuals, and searching for evidence at other crime sites means that she cannot do damage to anybody.” I implore anybody who comes across her not to hurt her, but rather to keep her safe and report her sighting to the authorities.”

Besides being an excellent buddy to the cop, the K9 also served as a fantastic rescue dog for the officers. In fact, she has been awarded the title of “best rescue dog in the area” for numerous years in a row by the community. Constable and Olive had a strong relationship, and the rest of the cops knew they could always count on them for support.

Commander Brigadier Nomawethu Makonza described Olive as “a member who has never let us down.” ‘When we dispatch Constable Katikati and Olive to rescue someone, we can rest knowing that they will return the missing individual to his or her family,’ says the captain.

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