When a soldier returns home from Iraq and sees the dog he rescued and adopted, it is a beautiful sight to see. Thanks to their assistance, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was able to move the dog from the location to the JFK International Airport and then to Tampa, where she is set to meet her savior. Seeing each other again was an emotional experience that was captured on television.

Over the course of a year in Iraq, Nick Pierzchalski was a Black Hawk fighter pilot. Nick was a kind and gentle man who constantly looked out for his fellow soldiers and cared for them. After all, even his duty as a pilot is intended to ensure the safety of the other troops on the field of battle. Nonetheless, Nick found the time to care for other poor animals, such as stray dogs, while waiting for his family.

Even when traveling abroad, the courageous pilot adopted a few-month-old puppy that he was caring for. He and his fellow troops used to provide Airys (as the stray dog was affectionately known) with their own meals. Later, they constructed a dog home for her and even placed an order for dog food for her use. Because of her positive attitude, the active puppy helped to keep the troops’ spirits high and was a source of joy for everyone in the camp.

“She was part of a gang of dogs, and she came charging up to us when a crew member walked away from the flight line,” Nick said. “We all had dogs at home,” said the group. It meant the world to us to be able to bring a tiny piece of home with us while we were away. ”

It was determined that the soldier would bring the puppy he had saved to the United States once he had become fond of her. But he was well aware that it would not be a simple undertaking. Nick and his dog were going to be reunited on American soil after almost a year apart. The SPCA helped them get back together.

“I honestly didn’t believe it was going to happen,” Nick said. “She’s now considered a member of the family.”

Watch the lovely moment in the video below!

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