Bitsy is a great dog that is both deaf and blind, and you can see him here. When she initially showed up to Hyden Kristal’s home, her father was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to provide for her.

However, after a year, the intelligent dog demonstrated that she was deserving of being included into their family. Bitsy was a bundle of energy who was also playful and affectionate. Kristal and her father Steve were two of her closest friends.

Between the dog and the guy, there was a particular relationship formed. They grew up to be great friends. Steve was her adorably charming grandfather. She cherished the time she spent with him, spending it with him in his company, strolling with him, and playing with him.

However, as a result of the COVID, Kristal and Bitsy were forced to be separated from the rest of their family. They were living on their own. And after a year, they got the opportunity to meet up with them again.

After such a long time apart, Steve was curious and excited to see whether the dog would know him when they reunited.

The encounter was a complete shock. Bitsy recognized him as her favorite person right away, and it was a wonderful feeling to see him again. She embraced and kissed him as soon as she could. The experience was incredible, and it was filled with wonderful feelings.

Kristal was certain that the loyal dog would never forget about her and her gorgeous friend. It was incredible for everyone that they were able to be back together.

By Elen

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